The instruments

Why buy a Vibra instrument


Create experiences that

harmonize your life

therapeutic convergence

They complement and enhance all kinds of holistic therapies


Promote deep relaxation, meditation and emotional balance

Experience wellness!

Immerse yourself in a harmonious experience that will lift your mood and take you to a level of deep relaxation.

Boost your therapies!

Discover the magic of vibration and the crystalline sound of quartz bars combined with colored lights to create a unique therapeutic experience.


Very pretty and unique. The seller is quick to respond to questions and is very helpful. I'm happy I bought it. Thank you.

Angela Bournous

This is an excellent and beautiful product of very high quality. I did for another from Australia and another from Canada but this is the best you don't have to change the filter of the lights + the quartz is incredible for the quality and measures about 6cm H. you also have the container for the liquid + the sound to magnetize + the case is very well made and secure.

Madeleine LaRose

It is surprising how much these beautiful instruments have accompanied me as light and sound tools, holding group, individual and self-exploration sessions. I am happy with the intrigue that from time to time, they continue to surprise with excellent new creations.

Miguel Melgar

This was a wedding gift for my daughter and son-in-law and they LOVE it! Seller was a pleasure to work with and arrived when promised. Very happy!

Candra Campbell

The Vibra chime that we installed at home is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Life beautifies us. We are happy to have it.

Adriana Brouse

I loved it, I had been looking for these tools for a long time, and with the magic of the Internet and its reach, the advertisements came out, and I acquired it, it arrived on time and in excellent condition, impressive energy practices.

Liliana Mayagoitia


Our story began in Cusco, Peru, during the activation of the Andean Chakana Temple in 2012. Since then, we have immersed ourselves in healing with sounds, colors, and quartz instruments. We discover the convergence of vibrations through colored light, crystalline sound and the magnetism of quartz. We investigate the power of water as a vital element to project emotions and feelings. With this understanding, we create instruments that have been used in holistic therapies, yoga, meditation and more. Now we have taken our work to Mexico to share our instruments with the world.

The Vibra instruments that I have complement and enhance the reiki sessions that I do. I feel that a harmonic and luminous field is created around me.

Emi tomojima

I met the guys from Vibra a few years ago and they have been accompanying me through their instruments, more and more subtle and in perfect sync with what I do. Sounds, vibration and light come together to recharge and balance the energy of my house, my patients and myself. Thank you infinitely Nico and Maria for so much

Angie Manzur

As an industry expert with deep knowledge and understanding of this space, I cannot say enough good things about this company and products as they are modern, clean, with sophisticated designs, quality materials and top level support.

Jenny Godoy Soto