Glass rod with 7 colors - Vibra Rod

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Chromatic transparent quartz crystal bar with the 7 colors of the rainbow. Unite sound and color, as a chakra aligner.
It syncs with our App to create waves and binaural sounds.

This instrument combines crystal sound and color. Use it with a powerful intention to harmonize yourself, other people, and to raise the vibration of the spaces where you use it.
We recommend that you experience this instrument by synchronizing it with our App to create binaural sounds.
This instrument was created taking into account all the people who seek to enrich our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

Characteristics: Tuned in note Si.
Solid crystalline quartz bar.
Wooden base and maso.
Measures 21.2 cm long
The chromatic system brings batteries and has a usd port to charge with any Android cell phone charger.