Vibrational harmonizer - Sound therapy and color to manage emotions

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This harmonizing set was created to serve you as a tool that prevents and transforms emotional blockages, stress, anxiety, unpleasant thoughts and fears, thus promoting your health and integral harmony.


• The harmonizer
It is an instrument that emits a pure sound, tuned in FA note, which corresponds to the frequency of the heart. When you project its sound into your body, it brings you purity and harmony that positively affects the health of your cells.

• Digital application "Altara"
Our application is designed to complement the frequency of the Tin harmonizer.

You will be able to combine its vibration with a group of sounds included there, creating binaural and harmonic patterns that tune your psyche and neural activity. In addition, you can also project sounds and colors that will create a relaxing and inspiring environment around you.

The application is available in Spanish for Android, and in English for iPhone. In case you use the latter, you will find here in the manual the images in Spanish so that you understand it, if you need it.

• Card game

You will find a set with seven cards that, like an oracle, symbolize the seven most experienced human emotions in everyday life: confusion, fear, anger, stress, guilt, apathy and pain.

Each letter is to transform an emotion that, in each case, is the one you choose to address to get back in tune with harmony. And also, each card will guide you with a virtue to project yourself and with which you will achieve this transformation.

In addition to guiding you with instructions, each letter has: -a mandala in the center that will help you focus on the colors that, together with the sounds, (both are activated with our digital App) you will use to project your intention in your own harmonization ritual

• User manual
This will be your guide to introduce you to each of the steps of the activation process of your harmonizer.