Quartz fork with chromatic system - Vibra Fork

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Tuned quartz crystal tuning fork at 432hz
Electronic lamp with seven color chromatic system and rechargeable battery.
7 optional colored filters
protective case
Note FA scale 432Hz
Measures 42.3 cm long and 7 cm wide

It is a tuning fork for sublime and high vibration alternative therapies that leads us to live a whole experience.
It is an extension and amplifier of the user's energy and vibration. We can compare it to "Merlin's magic wand" because it is designed to enhance our intention, enriching it with the magnetism of quartz with an audible and chromatic context that brings coherence and beauty to our entire subtle system.

This tuning fork for alternative therapies not only radiates a sound vibration, it also radiates magnetism thanks to the piezoelectric property of quartz. This magnetism influences our system at a subtle and cellular level.

The sound is activated by making a very delicate blow with the mallet. The base of the tuning fork is placed by exerting light pressure on the body to radiate mechanical vibration.

This can be done throughout the body to align hemispheres, energize glands, relax muscles, resonate nerves or points of the energy meridians of the body. You can also work at the level of reflexology on the silver of the feet and radiating the subtle sound of the tuning fork in the aura or body field of the patient.

Another Application is to irradiate the subtle sound of the tuning fork and its chromatic radiance combing the aura or body field of the patient.

It can also be used to radiate our intention and focus it in the form of sound-color. Likewise, we can irradiate spaces to purify them and fill them with harmony.

It is advisable, after using it several times or having had an intense experience with it, to unload it by placing it on top of the earth, grass, salt water or on top of a druse.

While it is inside its case, the fingerboard is completely safe, when it is out of it, it is important to pay attention to take care of it from bumps or falls